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Made in Britain


Welcome to the Oakleaf website, and we hope you enjoy your visit. As manufacturers of period mouldings (cast in our unique resin-based material, and produced at these premises), we can help you to create beautiful interiors, examples of which are illustrated throughout this site.
Whether you require old oak beams to create a rustic cottage interior, or antique panelling trimmed by some of our ornate embellishments, we hope you will find what you need. If not, please contact us!

Reproduction Beams

We have reproduction beams cast from oak originals to create a rustic cottage interior, a farmhouse, traditional-style kitchens and more. With a wide variety of finishes, such as Jacobean oak, limed and mellow, our range of reproduction beams can easily be installed into houses of any type.


There are two varieties of panelling - Burnsall and Linenfold, based on 17th century, Jacobean originals, for walls and ceilings, which can also be used to dado, three-quarter or plate-rack height. Our replica panelling can be used in the study, library, dining room, billiard room, bedroom, bathroom or hallway.


Our vast range of embellishments includes architectural trimmings such as ornate cornicing, skirting, capitals, columns, corbels, pilasters, architrave, friezes, brackets, plate racking, mantel-shelving and fire surrounds. Additional decorative embellishments are pelmets, feature mouldings - some suitable for Gothic surroundings - carved panels like the one moulded from a Victorian court cupboard door, faux leather book-spines and traditional mirrors.

Mirror Frames

Our selection of mirrors features mainly styles from the 18th and 19th century. The frames - like The Georgian Oak Leaf or The Regency Pier Glass - are cast from antique originals in either wood or gilt finishes.

RSJ Covers

Responding to our customers' demands for an Oakleaf beam to clad large RSJs, we introduced The Great Beam. Having searched the architectural salvage companies up and down the country, looking for just the right beam to cast, (confirming how difficult it was to find an old beam of this stature!), finally we found the beautiful 300 year old original, in a yard in Surrey.

Exterior Reproduction Beams

Examples of exterior use over the years have included pub signage, shop-front decoration, plant tubs (filled with wet soil!), and increasingly, the replacement of rotten softwood planking in the refurbishment of mock-tudor buildings.