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Made in Britain
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Oakleaf Carving



When my father, Ben Banister, formed Oakleaf in 1969, his key objective was to manufacture the finest reproduction oak products available. More than 40 years later, I am proud to say we regard the quality of our products with exactly the same importance today.

Through the unique moulding and hand-finishing processes developed over the years, we are able to provide customers with an enormous range of convincing decorative mouldings - from rustic, rough-hewn oak beams typical of the 17th century, to delicate gilt fillet and paterae of the 18th century - from dark-stained wall-panelling of the Jacobean period, to paint finishes of the present day.

With the additional benefits of speedy delivery and simple installation, we are able to create an authentic traditional atmosphere for our customers, whether within a domestic or commercial setting, inside or out, with ease.

We remain a family owned and run business, committed to the satisfaction of our customers throughout the world (all our products are made and finished by hand at these premises). Over the years we have developed an enviable reputation, of which we are extremely proud, and which we work hard to maintain.

Jonathan Banister

The World of Interiors
At Oakleaf Reproductions there is no effort to deceive. The deception happens quite naturally, as a result of the love, care and attention to detail that the Banister family have lavished on their firm since it began in 1969.