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Commission Mouldings

Commission moulding has played an important role in our business since the outset, enabling us to utilise the skills employed in the manufacture of our own products to reproduce customers' own originals. Difficult shapes required in reasonable volumes are the ideal candidates for our processes, particularly those for decorative use.

Whilst initial tooling costs can be significant due to the robust moulds required for the process, even after taking this into account, mouldings usually cost a fraction of the original, whether it be copies of a valuable antique, or a hand-made carving or model.

We are happy to quote for jobs of all sizes, involving large or small numbers, but the benefits of volume production become evident on greater quantities.

Examples of previous projects are many and varied, and include reproduction of originals made in wood, stone, lead, iron etc:

  • Ornate mirror frames
  • Carved furniture components
  • Point of sale parts
  • Pub & retail signs
  • Wood carvings
  • Damask fillets
  • Clock frames
  • Stone corbels
  • Picture frames
  • Infill panels
  • Bed heads
  • Bath panels
Commissioned Mouldings
Picture taken for a magazine editorial feature on sheds.
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